OSB at eaves

Is it acceptable to use OSB at the eaves for roof sheathing/decking? I know it’s OK for the attic portion, but I’m not sure about at the eaves.


when done properly, not a problem Ralph…

Exposure rating should be on the sheathing. I haven’t used OSB on eaves as I’ve seen the end results a few years down the road.

Anyway… a link for APA


Okay to use it but it’s pretty ugly. Anyone who uses OSB for decking over eaves is just being cheap and doing a disservice to potential buyers.

Are the eaves exposed? If not, I don’t see an issue.

As long as the roofers properly install the roofing - (many cases that may be asking too much)

If the eaves are visible(exposed), that’s just plan ugly and lazy.

The eaves were exposed. That’s what drew my attention to it.
I P9192844.JPG

At least the underside was painted.

Of course this whole house was setting on concrete blocks with no access below, so this is the least of their worries.


Not ideal in my opinion.

Looks like crap.
A nice painted AC/Exterior would have been much nicer. But cost more, right?:slight_smile:

See OSB in open eaves here frequently.

I thought you were talking about enclosed eaves which is pretty much the norm anymore Ralph…i would call that picture an unfinished job and an ugly one at that…osb was not intended for that use with or without paint…imho…jim

They didn’t box in the eave. What you’re seeing is the underside of the roof decking. A lot of old homes have open eaves. The buyer probably knows what the house looks like. You may want to point it out as unorthodox by today’s standards, but there’s nothing wrong with it.