Out of area mileage charges

How much do you guys typical charge per mile when you do an inspection that’s out of your area?

At least $1 per mile for me if it is out of my service area.

$2 per mile one way depending on the distance…maybe both ways.

When I quote the inspection, I use google maps to tell me how long to get there. In the quote I include my hourly rate for the round trip. I actually use a modified quote sheet that Larry Kage provided at one time on this forum. :grin:

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I always use the Federal Mileage Rate, which for 2020 is 57.5 cents per mile


I liked to try to make a minimum of $100/hr and I blended the mileage charge into the quote.


Same here Larry.
Our time is not worth any less behind the wheel.
If its for a repeat client or I’m doing another in the same area sometimes I will reduce the fee slightly.


Then I would assume your inspection fee was not at the level it could have been, or you didn’t travel very far to inspections, if your clients didn’t question the “high fee” being charged when the travel fee was included. Just sayin’.

I just charge more for the inspection. It is included in the inspection fee.
I don’t mention mileage to the client… I just Soak them! :wink:


I include up to 50 miles RT with my inspection fee.
I frequently travel 100+ miles ONE WAY for an inspection. Nobody is going to pay my (higher than many) fee when the travel is included.
I break it out on my Invoice, which makes it simple to sell my service as most people already have another inspectors quote in hand. Paying a few dollars more and a reasonable (Fed supported and provable vs totally random) travel fee for a Superior Inspector is a simple sell.

Many of my inspections were 40 to 80 miles + or -. But they were high dollar inspections to begin with, so it was not an issue for my clients.

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Trip distance was a factor in calculating my fee for every inspection. Never quoted it as a separate item.


Thanks guys I appreciate all the input. Be safe.

Depends on the size of the area you say you will inspect. If you have a 50 mile inspection radius you shouldn’t charge extra for a 50 mile trip.

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Exactly. I do have a 50 mile radius but this particular lead is 118 miles from my house to the inspection location.

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Please read Chuck Evans reply. That you can carve in stone. It’s exactly what I do. And I’ve been doing this a very long time

I cover the entire state of Minnesota and 100 miles into northern Iowa.

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I recommend you use the InterNACHI Home Inspection Cost Calculator. Base price, Mileage, Age, and Size is calculated on every inspection.

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