Travel Distance

I was just curious as to how far the average HI travels to inspections. Do you have a standard distance that you service without adding in an extra charge? The reason i’m asking is i live and service a smaller town and rural community. Typically my travel service area is 60 miles.
Occasionally I receive inspections from Mpls/ST Paul area which is more like 75 miles. I do not advertise there but i’m questioning if it pays for me to do so.

65 is my limit before additional fees are charged.

My limit is 45 miles before my fee is raised to cover travel costs.

My closest real city is 25 miles away. So! travel is what I have to do.

I only travel out about 20 miles before charging. I charge about .90 a mile. I service an area about 100 miles in a circle.

If you are charging for mileage, I guess there is no limit. I traveled 1,000+ miles to do an inspection once. Buyer had my fly from PA to FL. In the commercial inspection business, it is not uncommon to travel very long distances.

Benefits of living in a large metropolitan area, my shortest inspection commute was literally across the street, bulk of inspections are within 10 miles, I will occasionally go inside DC beltway but its rare. But it is city driving so I’m not speeding across the empty flats of OK like the Red Hatted One.

Farthest I’ve gone is about an hour away and ten minutes away.

I travel a lot 30-45 minutes normally, normal for living in a small rural town but on Wednesday I am doing the house across the street. I think I have done 7-8 this year with in a 5 block radius I like that.

I wouldn’t mind traveling the distance for commercial. You make some good money:D

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I quote prices based on zip code because I operate in all ten counties in Southern California, a few billion square miles.

I have never charged a “travel/mileage” fee and I’ve driven 200 miles one way.

When I was new, I took any inspection, anywhere, with no concern of how far away it was. Now that my schedule is full, I rarely travel more than 20 or 30 minutes from home, but on the rare occasion I do travel far, I still don’t up-charge for a travel fee.

My normal inspection mileage is 85 miles one way, my longest within the state was 5 hours one way. I have jumped on a plane and flew from OKC to White Sulfur Springs Montana for a commercial inspection and expert witness testimony

85 Mile Average each way!
I just looked up Ponca City on maps, you are definitely out there
in the middle of nowhere as they say!

Same here agree…
I’m about in the middle of nowhere.
Gainesville is at about 20 miles and about the same for Lake City. I get most of my inspects at 45 plus miles away.

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That is awesome. We have a member in Wyoming who has a ranch that is 10 miles across.

50,000 miles per year (one vehicle). We have 3. I am in Vermont, top Northwest corner. I am closer to Montreal than I am to some of my down state inspections. However, it only takes 3 hours to go from top to bottom and across the top. I work about 2 hours away at a maximum to an hour or so one way. Jobs go in cycles, I have been more local, in my home town the last two weeks. Next week, I am more down state and central. I do 2-3 inspection per day. 3-4 when it is busier and am involved in another 50-60 mold claims state wide as well.