Outlet Cover

If the electrical outlet in the house has let’s say two attaching screws on the outside plate cover, but one of them is missing would you write that up as an issue since someone could pull open the cover?

My kid could pull it off so yes I would.

Write it up…

I tell my clients a few things before the inspection to set their expectations. One of them is that I have 4 year old, a kid on the way, and a 90 year old Grandmom. I’m going to inspect this house like we are the ones moving in.

Yes. If a child can do it and its dangerous, I mention it.
Codes are designed to protect children and idiots. If you can imagineering either one of those groups hurting themselves, you should write it up. :slight_smile:

No. I’m not there to find a missing screw in a plate. I’m there to discover material defects.

If I were to list a missing screw, then I would be telling my client that I’m going to list every minor defect, which I will not be doing. Managing client-expectations is an important consideration when listing “defects” in a report.

How about a snag on the carpet? It could be a tripping hazard for a woman in heels.

I was thinking the same thing Jeff. Heck even if both screws were installed someone could remove them and access live parts.

the kids are going to stick Your car keys in there any way…I sure wouldn’t mention a missing screw…or the ugly color of the wall paint either…

Fast forward 3 months and the phone rings.

Mr. Inspector one of my door stops was missing the rubber tip and when the door flew open the exposed metal stop penetrated the door. We would like you to pay to replace this door since you missed the rubber tip on your report

No. .