Outlet position under kitchen sink

Wondering if an outlet can be mounted to the bottom of the cabinet below disposal and other plumbing?
Usually were the cleaners go, thats were this thging is mounted.
To me if there is a water problem then most likely there will be an electrical problem as well.
What do you think?



There is no rule that says it cannot be there, although common sense would tell you not to put it there. My question would be - is it properly secured? My guess is no.

What is that tape on the drain lin?

the box is screwed down & I agree common sense would tell you to put it somewhere else.

The tape was just looped around the pipe, very loose, no purpose.

Actually pretty sloppy for the island cabinet in a $800k home :slight_smile:

This looks like another situation in which code has yet to catch up with common sense. You flagged it as a concern in your report, right?

[Cleaners should never be put in kitchen sink cabinets, or any sink cabinet for that matter.](http://www.abouthomes.info/reports/Sink cabinets, chemical storage, and caulking and grouting.pdf)

Check the code for horizontally mounted outlets, sometimes also called floor outlets. They have their own requirements since liquids can be spilled into them.

Although my jurisdictions allow horizontally mounted outlets in sink cabinets, they must be outlets approved for horizontal/floor mounting. The one you show in your picture would not be approved here.

[It would need to be like this.](http://www.abouthomes.info/files/NACHI/floor outlet.jpg) However, such an outlet would kind of preclude it from being used permanently, so I’d be inclined to mount a standard outlet on the wall.

The face up receptacle requirement is basically for counter tops for the most part. however, if the receptacle is going to be mounted in this position as with a floor outlet it would need to have a proper floor outlet cover and spill seal…we are talking about a $ 20.00 fix here…

I agree this is a terrible design but you are going to have a hard time finding a code violation since this is not a floor or a countertop.

yeah…but if I was the inspector ( AHJ ) I could come up with something…:slight_smile: