Does anyone know what type of outlet this is. What is it use for? I have seen single ones but never a regular outlet with this configuration above?

Was that in the laundry room?

20amp circuit. Had an air conditioner with that style of end.

Its a dual voltage outlet and it be 15amps.



If it’s by a window, the 240v half of the outlet (the one with horizontal slots) is probably for a window air conditioning unit.
One way or another, what you have there are two circuits (240v and 120v) terminating at a dual-voltage outlet receptacle. Not something you see often…

Okay guys that’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. I have seen this as a single outlet but this was the first time I have seen it with a duplex with two separate females outlets.

I had a similar outlet 240-V- at a house I lived in, in Radford, Virginia. I can almost guarantee that when you used your Voltage ticker and (wiggly), it showed hot. Did it not?

I’m curious, what kind of circuit breaker was this connected to?