This is shocking!

120 volt outlet used for a 240 volt circuit (220 according to the label. Whatever)… WoW!

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220 Volt outlets were fairly common back in the day.
Google it!

(Would help to actually see the outlet pin arrangement). Least you could do was give 'er a wipe!!

Yeah, I’ve seen that a few times and it’s always a homeowner special. A standard 120V outlet should never be wired up with 240V but I guess Mr. Homeowner was too lazy to go to the store and get the right outlet. It always surprises me when all three lights on my tester come one… almost like hitting a jackpot!

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It is a standard outlet.

Old wall AC unit receptacle? I have never seen them tandem


You have to wonder what other kind of Rube Goldberg arrangement the homeowner was using to plug a 240 volt appliance into a standard 120 volt receptacle. Any 240 volt cord and plug unit that you would buy off the shelf could not plug into that receptacle. :thinking:


I always figure they just cut the plug off whatever appliance and used a standard one that would fit in the outlet. When I’ve run across this it was always far from the only electrical issue in the house, needless to say.

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Evening, Roy. Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods.
# Guide for Matching Power Outlets & Plugs
I run into all 3 200 V outlets many times.
Keep well.



For the historic view of dual voltage sockets see

If the oaf who wired this had though it through, he or she could have put neutral on neutral, and one hot 110V hot to each duplex outlet. The outlet would have looked and worked normal BUT… they could plug 220V in at a whim by creating a custom line cord that plugs into the upper and lower half.