30 amp/220v outlet installed in kitchen cabinet above stove

What in the H-E-Double hockey sticks would this outlet be for???

The 1970s-1980s all-in-one combination oven-cooktop-fan-microwave stuff that was popular then.

I like to do a little welding while I am waiting for water to boil…

The homeowners cooked a lot, that outlet served a turbo propped ventilator.

I was thinking that it was from a past built-in appliance before the kitchen was remodeled, too.

Just use your ticker to verify voltage on the proper legs, smile and move on as it it fine and will probably never be used again in their lifespan.

Unless they are really into popcorn and go with a commercial popper.

lol…now that would be a SUPER popper…no doubt ! I am thinking at some point their was probably a dual oven type setup here.

It’s for a microwave/convection oven unit, still installed today. I wired for one recently. Unless that’s a mobile home, it looks like that was installed after the 96 code (4 wire).