Outside Conduit, Picture added, need help

This was a 2600 squ. ft house, with lots of lighting outside and a
pretty big water fall with an electrical pump .

Is this part of the conduit for these outside electrical systems ?




the ground settling with the patio/sidewalk on top of it is probably what sheered the PVC entering the house. That fitting is an LB and gives access for pulling the wire through a needed short radius 90. The PVC is fine underground (at correct depth) but emerging from the ground, rigid is preferred for protection.

It looks to me like that pipe got cut off somehow near the wall and they tried ti repair it or this is some retro thing that went bad. That looks like 1" with a piece of 1.25" used as a coupler.

1" is pretty popular for the pool circuits around here and that may also include the guys who install fountains. It might also ber part of the sprinkler system below.