Oven anti-tip information

I found a regular L-bracket half way installed as an anti-tip on a reinspection.
The repairman said he called several places and could not find the right one.
The wall mount ones are the hardest to find and needed for slab floors.

Here’s some info for future reference…

Note: UL started requiring anti-tip brackets June 3, 1991

GE Wall mount (works with most all electric ovens I think) PN WB02T10069

GE anti-tip kit PN WB2X7909 (uses an included chain)

Whirlpool bracket kit 827388A





If anyone has some part numbers for brackets for gas stoves, please post.
(The kits may work on either since they use a chain or cable.)

Great info! I have a folder on my laptop to keep references such as this. good info to have.