Over 100 Computers for sale

**HP Evo d530 **
Pent 4 2.66 GHz processor
40GB Hard drive
1.44 floppy
256meg RAM - Will handle up to 4gigs of DDR
Windows XP Pro
Convertible case
2 Front USB and audio headers
17" CRT Monitor
2 power cables
E-Mail all request to candoatude@yahoo.com

These computers are a upgrade from a school system take as many as you want I have been using computers just like them for the last two years and have not had any problems. $70.00 each and you pay the freight:D

Uh, Charley?

I think you forgot something!

How much would you sell one or two with just the processor? I do not need the monitor, keyboard, mouse or the cables. You can email if you want at jbraun@mo.nachi.org.

I will tell a couple more people I know that are wanting a spare computer. It never hurts to have a backup lying around.

Tell me I am slow my E-mail is in my signature:D

Not you. Me. I didn’t get that it was you that had them for sale.

What were these used for?
I would take 2 or so, but I also dont need the monitor, or extras.

GOt a picture and MOBO/processor specs?

They were used in a public school system my son works for the school system and when they upgrade to new computers they sell off the used ones I use them all of the time they upgrade about every 3 to 4 years

Mike here is the E-mail Address that can answer all of your questions my son he is the person selling the computers