OverSeeIt.com promoting MoveInCertified.com

www.OverSeeIt.com a site used to promote the use of certified inspectors by consumers having repair or remodeling work done, now links to www.MoveInCertified.com for the source of inspectors that offer pre-listing/seller inspections.

Text on www.OverSeeIt.com referencing pre-listing or seller inspections now links to www.MoveInCertified.com

It seems odd to look for an inspector for the entire state of Texas and have
to wade through all the names. Would it be too hard to list them by
location, instead of by name?

I think this would speed the process for the consumer 200%. IMHO

John, you are talking about www.OverSeeIt.com right?

www.MoveInCertified.com is OK… right?

Yes Sir… OverSeeIt.com has the problem… IMHO

MoveInCertified is hot to go!

Is OverSeeIt only listing current NACHI inspectors?

**Lewis Capaul, WSDA Lic# 72554
**Snowy Mountain Home Inspection, LLC
Rathdrum, ID | 208-755-1393 | Website | [E-mail](javascript:email(6570))

No. It lists only those NACHI members who have joined.

Price is right to join… FREE: http://www.overseeit.com/apply.php

Join now.

In that case, we have a non-NACHI menber listed:
**Lewis Capaul, WSDA Lic# 72554
**Snowy Mountain Home Inspection, LLC
Rathdrum, ID | 208-755-1393 | Website | E-mail

Then you must have automatically signed me up since I am listed.

I agree with John, it needs to be by county or city.

Sure would be nice if it listed more than 5 inspectors on a page… Listing the inspectors alphabetically is as fair a system as any, except that unless your last name starts with A or B, you’re not on the the first page. I don’t think 25 names is too many to list on a single page. In MO that would cover everyone registered, with some additional room for others to join in too.

Agreed. We’ll work on that.

Would you guys stop ruining a good thing. I think it works just fine the way it is.

So Greg, your ok if we go by first names then…:smiley:

Better yet, l alphabetically by the city you are in. Don’t get mad Greg, that would screw me too.

Try it now. How does it look now?

How long does it take for new NACHI members to be in the system? I just tried to register with overseeit and in said I wasnt found.

Use your NACHI username and password to join. However, www.OverSeeIt.com is case sensitive. Did you join?