P trap in the slab?

Is it a common practice for the p trap to be in the slab? Under the kitchen sink and whirlpool tub there is no p trap. House built in 05’ and there is no smell, so I assume I just can’t see it.

No, it’s not a common practice, and not likely to be in the slab. Generally, the only traps that will be in the slab are those of stall showers and bathtubs.

I would (at minimum) suggest verification that appropriate traps are present. I think you’ll find that they are not.

Not common here kitchen sink trap is always below the counter top for cleaning/maintenance . Whirlpool tub has the slab notched/cutout for the trap. The only time a trap is below the slab is on a floor drain. The burden of proof should be on a licensed plumber to determine if the traps are in place as they are not visible in your pic. Home built in 05 by Joe handyman;-):wink:

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