P-trap lower than drain line?? Help.

Hello to all that read this,

I have a home built in 1961 and due to flood damage had to replace my bathroom vanity. I purchased a new vanity and it was not until it was bolted in place and a new faucet installed that I noticed the inside of the vanity is much higher than the previous one. The potential? problem I have is that the ptrap must be higher than the drain line. Will that be a problem?

Thank you in advance!

Have any pics? Seems like you may create an “S” trap that would not be proper.

Simple fix is to extend the outlet from the sink so the P-trap is at proper height.

Seems like you could extend the sink drain tail piece or raise the drain line where the trap arm enters it.

Just a guess without pics…

Ditto what everyone has said
Tail piece extension ought to get the trap in the proper location if I’m understanding what you’re describing.


The problem is that I cannot get the trap lower than the drain line because of the inside of the vanity. What I mean to say is that the clearing between the drain line and the inside/bottom of the vanity are very close and there is no room to connect the ptrap to be lower than the drain line. … Would I be able to raise the drain line with a 90 to relocate it higher then I can have the trap lower? I cannot do anything with the main drain line behind the cement, other than put on a 90 going up.

Pix required, I’m lost :roll:

Ah - different problem.

How much distance is between the floor and the drain line?
How much distance between the floor and the “new” bottom of the vanity?

You may consider lowerng the bottom of the vanity interior if possible.


I think the configuration is as follows:

(from bottom)

Vanity bottom
<no clearance>
Drain line exiting bathroom

What it should be is…

<no gap>
Vanity bottom
Drain line

What is that distance?

I cannot lower the vanity because it has a bottom drawer. The distance of the line to to floor and floor to vanity - not sure and I am not in front of it. If I had to guess I would say the floor to line is 12" or less and floor to vanity (inside) - maybe 7+"?

Essentially, when I place the trap in, its drain line - to connect to the main drain line - sits exactly on top of the main drain line. So the distance I need is to be able to drop the trap darin line the width of the main line - inch and a half copper line. But I have nowhere to gain this 1.5 inches so the trap can fit correctly underneath the drain line. :frowning:

Pic sure would help.

http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/krbprogrammer/?action=view&current=untitled.jpg — I hope you can you see this.

Saw that - I was talking about an actual photo of the situation.

Sorry, I will have to get one then post it.

If you are not willing to give up the type of cabinet you have you could :

A. cut a slot to gain 1.5" in the cab.floor which sounds like is also the “ceiling” to the drawer bay. It would mean that some of the trap would extend into the drawer,but not much.Not the greatest fix ,but a fix just the same.

B.Replumb the waste outlet starting behind the wall.The center height of the waste outlet should be 18" to 20".

I think this is what you mean,and hope it helps.

You may also get by with using a 45 and a Street 45 instead of the 90.
The street 45 fits directly into the 45 because it has a male and female end and would require less room than two 45’s if space is tight.

Kevin, are you saying that the drain is so low in the wall that the lower loop of the P Trap does not fit if a tail piece is used because the loop would have to extend lower than the cabinet bottom? Sounds like your idea of extending the drain upward would still create an S trap (in hard pipe or PVC). Can you take a digital picture of it.

I’d just buy a new house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get an actual digital picture and I’m sure we can solve your problem.