PA DEP Radon Certification

I am in the process of becoming certified to perform Radon testing in PA. I have completed the course and now certified through the NRPP. I am now starting the paperwork for PA DEP certification. What a treat this is…lol Anyways most of it I understand, however they have a very large checklist for initial certification. I did put a call into the radon division and I am awaiting a call back, but thought I would reach out to my fellow inspectors who may have recently gone through this process with a few questions.

My biggest concern is the experience of one year that they are asking for? I am a new tester and don’t have the one year experiance. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated

For the time being I am going to place AC or LS devices. PA has extra requirements for CM and Electret type devices so initially to just get certified I will place these type of devices. On the general section on the 2nd page it lists devices. Do I need to list the type of secondary device I plan on using or is this for laboratory who test the kits for the results? Any insight would be appreciated.

They also have on the check list about workers Health and safety Program?
It is this a document I must create or a program I must institute? Again any insight would be appreciated

I believe those were my biggest concerns. Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear back tomorrow from the DEP Radon department but it is always nice to hear about others experience with the PA DEP. I am type of person who wants to get it right the first time.

Again thank you in advance for any insight.

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I’ve also been researching on how to become certified in PA and yes, all the forms are complicated and leave me with questions similar to yours.

The difference is that I’m certified in NJ. Apparently the process is different for individuals that are certified in other states. I found this:


[/size]§ 240.131. States with reciprocal agreements with the Commonwealth.
The Department may enter into a reciprocal agreement with another state recognizing each state’s radon certification program. The Department will not recognize another state’s program unless the program’s certification is compatible with the one established under the act and this chapter. The Department will publish a notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin listing the state programs it has recognized.

But after many hours of research and searching the Pennsylvania Bulletin, I’ve come up empty except for the fact that PA adopted it’s certification process from NJ. I broke down and called the Radon Division today and was told that the person who could answer certification questions would not be back in the office until next Tuesday so don’t expect a call back before then.

Hey Stephen,

I did talk to someone today but he did tell me upfront that he would not be a good person to talk to. He did give me the number of the person who I would be able to contact, who is as you stated not back til next week.

The person I did talk to was somewhat helpful. I have a lot of paperwork to compile for certification like my QA plan and so forth, so I will work on that until next week.

It sounds like you can at least have the experience and so forth if you are already certified in NJ. I am sure you already have a QA plan and other documents set in place since you are certified in NJ.I have the painstaking process of creating them. I do get why all this is needed…just a pain to do. I will keep plugging away and do what is needed to become certified. I am a true believer that if you start something then I must finish it.

I can only hope we can get much needed answers next week. It is a lot of money to throw away if PA DEP denies your certification application. All fees are NON-refundable.

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I am also an inspector here in PA and I am trying to navigate all the paperwork needed for an individual certification for the DEP to test for Radon. Did you every find a check list or something outlining everything you need to turn into the state for the DEP certification? if easier, I can be reached via email at

Hello Mathew,

I did indeed get it all figured out. I will email you tomorrow with the information. PA DEP radon division does have a checklist for what all is needed. I will say to make sure to have all your ducks in a row so you do not get denied. All fees are non refundable. Which sucks. Lol