PA DEP Radon Certification

Has anyone had any experience getting an initial certification for radon testing in PA?
I would like to take a radon testing class and start offering this service but PA requires you to submit proof of experience in radon testing. Does anyone know of any ways to complete this requirement for PA? Or should I get my radon testing license in Ohio for a year then get PA license?

You have to take an approved class, pass the test, pick your equipment, send in your qa and qc plans to the radon board and then you can test. This company does training outside of Pittsburgh, and I felt was pretty good at explaining explaining everything, start there for the training.

Also, you dont have to have previous testing experience if you are applying as a new company.

I think PA is a NEHA state. If that’s the case, InterNACHI’s radon class should be approved training.

I thought was still in works? Is it only partial for the required training?

The state accepts NRPP or NRSB approved courses.

Reprinted with permission from EPA, this Guide is based on the EPA’s Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon (CAR OBD2 SHOP) with a few changes that reflect the specifics of the Radon Program in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania specific radon and radon level information can be found throughout this site. You will be able to find information about certified radon inspectors in Pennsylvania, as well as detailed radon level information for every county in Pennsylvania.

You need to send a letter to get your background experience approved if less than a year, not a big deal, Pass the NRPP exam and show certificate of attending approved class You will find all the info you need at PA DEP website…/CERTIFICATION_CORNER.htm‎