pa laws

does anyone know anything about new laws being enacted in pa


Home inspectors are self governed in Pennsylvania by a Trade Practice Act which was passed 2000 and went into effect December 2001. Senate Bill 1032 amended Title 68 of Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes relating to residential real estate transfers, providing for disclosures by sellers of residential real estate and for home inspections.

There is no pre-licensing education requirement or continuing education requirement.

Senate Bill 359 is still sitting in the Appropriations Committee. We had a stakeholders meeting this past Spring and several revisions were suggested. Search the threads and you find multiple discussions. Whenever I hear anything I post it.

I have seen the proposed changes that were posted here, my concern is that I am just getting started and I dont want to get caught in the middle of this thing. If new laws are inacted while I am still getting my 100 inspections will I have to start all over?

We are trying to fight to make it fair for someone who is compliant with the current law to not be put out of business the next day the Bill is signed. They estimate that it should take about 3 years for the Bill to make it’s way through the appropriate channels before it is passes. If you start now, and keep yourself busy, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a license when and if the time finally comes.


Thanks for your help, you answered my questions, and now i can procceed with my plans thanks again


No. No law would ever make you get your experience twice.

Thats good news Nick Thanks.

We should be seeing it come up again before the holiday break. PAR (who helped write the bill… conflict of interest anyone …Bueler, Bueler???) from my understanding wants this voted on asap.

EDIT: Hopefully after PAR’s home inspection bill becomes law they can then start writing a bill to license Plumbers, Electricians, Home Builders, Framers, etc. etc. (Not knocking the fine tradesmen that post on the NACHI board nor the ones that care about their profession and ethics)… just the other 85% of the guys currently calling themselves “professionals”.

Which is exactly what the original bill stated for any inspector without 100 inspections a year for the past 5 years.

How well do you think licensure for trades will go over with the unions here in PA? My guess is like a fart in church. Then we will be stuck with the licensure and the rest of the unionized trades that are more organized and have the funding to fight will still be unlicensed.

Just my opinion of what is probably going to come out of all of this.

How do I go about getting people to sign off on my reports up until I hit 100? That seems like a pretty big deal for someone to do, I have confidence in my inspection process but still… Any suggestions anyone?

Watch out for PHIC scam:

Turn them in to Nachi for review as you build inspections.

Turn them in to Nachi for review as you build inspections.