100 Pennsylvania inspections ( Pittsburgh Area)

My name is Andrew, I’ve worked with Vanguard, contracted by FEMA doing home inspections in Puerto Rico, i got 9 years of construction work experience, 4 years currently working as a Tower inspector across the country.

Please Read all, Correct me if i’m wrong., as this is the beginning. 09/10/21:
After reading and going thru so many pages, It comes to my attention that PA does not required a license to become a home inspector. @ legis.state.pa. "National Home Inspectors association’’ (3) Requires that the person may not become a full member unless the person has PERFORMED or participate in more than 100 inspections and has passed a recognized or accredited examination testing of the proper procedures for conducting a home inspection.

Talking about the 100 inspections:

  1. Once you joined Internachi you’re already a member. Before anything, we need pass the Knowledge test ( Get certified with Internachi) and stay a member.
    2.After that is done, the idea is to professionally create a business following state law.
    3.After creating the business i would count my PAYED 100 home inspections and send Internachi the 100 addresses.

It’s unbelievable how there is still no solid answer to this Topic. i email a few inspectors and still no answers, Internachi tells me to look in the forum or ask a mentor… same answers. After a few calls some inspectors are charging a good amount of money ($400-$1000) to just tag along or do their work. I Apologize but i don’t see the reason on paying someone when everything is provided once you’re a internachi member. If you follow everything step by step you should be successful!

I understand there is nothing better than going in the field and getting your hands dirty but not everyone has the money or the time. For Example, Me: Single father working full time, if i have to work on someone else’s schedule for free! it would take me around 3-4 inspections a month, so around 2 years and 1 month i could send them the 100 address so i can start making money. Don’t get me wrong! i wouldn’t mind the first 5-10 inspections, after that i will need to get paid. Benjamin Franklin advice to a young tradesman, Time is money.

You have to ask yourself how did they got there, How did any home inspector became a home inspector in PA. Not everyone is willing to share their knowledge unless they get something out of it. This being said After i’m done with my Certifications, Permits and insurance i will go on to open a business. To anyone who wants any updates or info about this situation ask me for my email. i am willing to help.

Anyone that could give a hand in the Pittsburgh area it would be most appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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Exactly!! Where is the money for the inspector taking HIS time and energy to train YOU?? InterNachi doesn’t pay us to train you. Any help anyone offers you on the MB or in person is strictly out of their own good will. Where do you get the idea that you deserve anything from the rest of us? Seems to me you gonna have a hard time getting where you need to be. Perhaps sticking to your current job may be in your best interests.

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What would you suggestion Jeffrey? In my point of view im working. Like i said, i wouldn’t mind the first 5 to 10 inspections, but 100! i can’t pay for your and my rent.

Your beef is not with the members, it is with the state requirements. It is not with InterNACHI, it is with the state.


I’m trying to figure out what is the loop in PA, i really dont get how any one has become a home inspector then.

That’s all you need to know.
Get your training and get to work!
You don’t need to belong to ANY Organization to work.
InterNachi doesn’t require you to perform 100 inspections to be a member. In fact, they frown upon it.
You are confusing the PA version of ASHI with the rest of the world. Stay the hell away if you can. I’m not in PA, so have no first hand knowledge other than what YOU have posted here.

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I know. There are a lot businesses like that. In my city, they only issue so many strip club licenses so my dreams are constantly dashed.


Move to a different state. 100 inspections before you get your license seems like they’re asking for an awful lot


I agree and disagree buddy. have a good night.

Do you feel you must have this accreditation?

No, I just really like what internachi has to offer.

You may be confused, or I am confused. Who is this National Home Inspectors Association?

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I am guessing that is just a generic name for an organization.

I see where you get the 100 from. You must participate in 100

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He needs to improve his reading comprehension!

I’m sorry i read it wrong, Pennsylvania refers to this as part of what Internachi is. You would need to become a member of any Home inspector association. We need to attend continuing education classes as an ongoing condition of the membership.

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So, maybe just offer to the be a free helper. Move ladders, open doors, windows etc. All you have to do is participate. You show up with a great attitude, you will get what you need.


Jeffry buddy i already went thru all that, you are not getting my case That i’m pointing out.

That is because you wrote it wrong. So he looked it up for you.

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I get it now that Brian has posted the link of requirements.

Definitely Brian! I just need to find someone that could take me in the right direction here in Pittsburgh.