Questions about Pennsylvania's 100 Inspections Requirement

Does anyone know where I can find specific requirements about the 100 inspections needed to become certified in PA? I’m assuming that these 100 inspections would need to be fee-paid inspections done by a PA certified inspector who I am shadowing, but haven’t been able to find anything that provides clarification.

Any help with this is much appreciated. It seems a bit weird to me when I think about it. If they are not required to be fee paid and run by a certified inspector, then would my mock inspections count towards this list of 100? If they are required to be fee paid and run by a certified inspector, then that would give certified inspectors control over their local market. They could reduce their competition by not allowing any new competition to shadow them and become certified. Working for an established home inspection company would be another option, but I would think that most of them would include no-compete clauses.


  1. Do these 100 inspections need to be in Pennsylvania? I live close to the PA/MD line, and being able to complete some of these in MD would be helpful.

  2. Do these 100 inspections need to be run by a certified inspector?

  3. Do these 100 inspections need to be fee-paid?

  4. Are the 100 inspections reviewed/approved by Pennsylvania, or by InterNACHI? The info below makes it seem like PA requires you to join an association which requires these 100 inspections, so InterNACHI requires the 100 inspections, therefore InterNACHI will review/approve them.

Send to a list of 100 addresses of inspections you’ve “performed or participated in.” Don’t send the reports, just the list.

From Chapter 75 of Title 68: “National home inspectors association. Any national association of home inspectors that:…(3) Requires that a person may not become a full member unless the person has performed or participated in more than 100 home inspections and has passed a recognized or accredited examination testing knowledge of the proper procedures for conducting a home inspection.”

John for an accurate answer to your question why don’t you contact the authority in your state that issues the license?

Sometimes the terms of licensing change yearly. It’s best to get the latest licensing requirements.

My understanding is that there is no licensing agency in PA

Who verifies your 100 inspections?

It seems like it would be InterNACHI, but I’m looking for clarification on that. Knowing who verifies the 100 inspections would help me figure out where to go to find the rest of these answers.

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Hi there,
Im just re- starting my inspection company after two years out, I retook the INTERnachi exam and according to the PA regulations: and I re- read them to be sure. It seems that you can do your own 100 inspections without shadowing someone. If someone can clarify this thought it would benefit those trying to break into the field.