PA license and Certification

Is there anyone in PA that can help me on what you have done in regards to the PA requirement of addresses of 100 inspections you have performed or participated in? How can I get licensed in PA and start a business without these 100 inspections? If I’m not licensed then how do I go about doing inspections. Please any information would be appreciated.

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The idea is, I believe, to make you work under someone else as an apprentice, in order to gain experience while learning the profession. This is necessary in PA because there is no education requirement. PA just requires the insurance and the passage of the NHIE. My way “around this” is simple and costly. I live on the WV/PA state line. WV requires a 2 week, in person, 80-hour course with passing grades, not to mention all kinds of FBI and State criminal background checks. The classes are around $2,000 and your off work to take them for 2 full weeks. But once you are licensed somewhere else, you can wait until you hit 100 inspections under your belt then move on over into PA.
It’ll take a little time. I’m not sure of your location but if your near a border you can work out of state until you have the 100 behind you. Or you can pay other inspectors for you to ride along, or work for another inspector for a while (if possible). GOOD LUCK.