Pacific Field Services Needs Help In Mexico City

call me at 207-441-9802 for details…

Good afternoon,

We have an inspection in Mexico City and I am soliciting a referral. If
you know someone that can get this done, please let me know. Thanks.

Deborah Saldana

Pacific Field Service

Vendor Manager

1111 Howe Avenue Suite 445

Sacramento CA 95825

916-239-4390 ext 115 <>

if anyone was able to help them out let us know here so no one else contacts them…

thanks in advance… they are a decent company to work for and i wanted to try to help them out as well as pass on some work to another member. Remember their fee is negotiable and have always been fair to me.

They are not very decent in rural areas like mine, I barely squeezed $200 out of them for a quickie Kmart walk thru 100 miles away & wrestled with Deborah to a “I won’t even dignify that with a reply” from her to try to get me to do a 10 apartment inspection in a large complex with a 300 mile round trip for $250.00. She wouldn’t budge at all on her price. They are just like all the rest, I got the same email you did & I got another one for Aruba…

oh yeah… they are like anyone and will try to get you to do something too far away… but i have developed a relationship with them that if it is too far away and they cannot pay, then i just dont do it… the banks and such willl only pay them so much as well… so sometimes you do have to say NO

I have really simplified my approach to these inspection… snapping a few photos and NEVER spending more than an hour at a property… there is virtually no liability and they are not paying for my expertise… they are just paying me to take photos and add some opinion… about it.

btw… my area of work is shrinking as the price of fuel goes up… sooner or later they might realize they will have to pay more for the travel…

As you stated, the banks only pay so much. So it’s not up to the field service company, they’ll pay what they can, it’s up to the banks to cough up some more dough. Sooner or later they will.