Input on Pacific Field Services

Anybody have any dealings with Pacific Field Services ??

I’ve done two inspections for them, but I won’t do any more. The first was a 4 building apartment complex which went fine in 2006, *These companies never want to pay you what you’re worth, so you have to negotiate. *These were both for bank loans.

The second one was in December of 07, a lakeside campground covering 14 acres of about 300 seasonal trailers, a few condos etc. The final straw was when they wanted me to do a market survey of a 5 mile radius. The 5 miles included a town next to the lake. They make it sound like it will be a simple form to fill out with a questionairre for the manager. What they also want however is lists of the competition, what they charge, how their client compares to the competition etc., and all for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of an inspection.

I told them I was hired to do an inspection, not a market analysis and to not bother calling (e-mailing) me again.

TJ, So far I’ve only found one outfit I’ll work with.
Actually, we just signed on with them, rec’d 2 job orders in 4 days, they pay $100 each, and we have about 3 weeks to get them done.

Tell her I referred you. Call:

Tracy Marston, ARM, CPIW
Managing Partner
TAG Insurance Services
(877) 298-4828

Thanx, Russ…