I need a stucco inspector in Colby, Kansas. Anyone want the inspection?

Email me at fastreply@nachi.org if interested.

He called because EDI, Moisture Bond Warranty and a contractor all referred us. BUT like I told him / I’m 6.5 hours 1 way in good weather and good traffic. AND after inspection to set scope of repair, would need follow-up inspection to check repairs.

Thats 2 tanks of gas each way; 13-14 hours drive time for 1 inspection; motel; food; etc PLUS inspection and report time.

It is not even CLOSE to being feasible for someone like us to go.

I suggested he call Nick OR try Googling for guys around Denver.

Book him, Danno! And charge a hell of a lot of money.

Joe, fly into KC, and we will drive up there and check it out. Invite Dan to go with us. Should be at least $3K. I’ll supply the beverages.

I can do it but you have to add air fair from south Florida to the tab and a night in a hotel. :slight_smile:

Obamadhauns, take note: Some things, no matter how much you may desire them, are just unaffordable.

Joe -

You should be getting a call from a guy named John soon.

He has the type of problem you specialize in.