Package Unit / Residential Application?

Hi everyone. Relatively new inspector here, still have plenty to learn. Wanted to get some feedback on this monster I ran across today. The buyer and realtor were already concerned about the unit so recommend an HVAC contractor to evaluate further was an easy enough pill to swallow! The ducting into the house is “protected” by the lean-to type structure built around the unit.

Package HVAC units are common, and can be installed or maintained correctly or not (just like any other component).

Why don’t you list a few of your own observations for others to chime in about…


Welcome John!

That Package unit is a mess and you did the right thing referring to a HVAC contractor. But as Dom stated, and for others to learn, what did you call out?

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Sure thing, I’d appreciate the feedback!..I might’ve overused the phrase “not professionally installed” in my report but that was the point I was trying to get across! I disclosed repeatedly that I could not determine much about the unit because the manufacturer’s label was completely faded.

I called out the following:

  • Heat did not function. You can see the gas line/valve coming into the right side of the unit but according to the homeowner, the propane was disconnected at the tank. I was able to later visually verify this.

  • 14 degree differential measured in cooling mode. I didn’t list as deficient but noted that it was “minimally acceptable” and should be evaluated further

  • DUCT tape, homemade plywood connection, exposed and frayed insulation, ducting resting on the ground

  • Disconnect located not only behind the unit, but enclosed in the homemade shelter.

  • I initially noted the vent above the unit as a dryer vent terminating by the unit…turns out its the vent hood from the kitchen

I know this list is far from exhaustive, but I felt the point had been made. Again, any and all feedback is appreciated!