Palin--No Experience

Sarah Palin hasn’t enough experience to be President of the United States–says the Obama-types.

(Pst…hey,buddy…yeah, you…Sarah Palin isn’t running for president–she’s running for vice president. What if John McCain dies in office, you say?? When did that happen??? Why are you so preoccupied with something that hasn’t happened??? Shouldn’t you concern yourself with what is here and now [and maybe tomorrow], rather than what ain’t???)

How much experience did Sarah Palin have as a governor before she became…well, governor? And she accomplished more in just 2 years that most governors do in 2 terms. Now*** that’s*** an executive…

Obama has experience…running for office. He has been prepped and promoted by the party machine (Chicago politics) solely for the purpose of being elected. The party then pulls his strings.

He served a while in the Illinois Senate with the notable accomplishments of…well, let me see…there was that time…no, how about…???well, he must have at least shown up on time. That’s something, anyway. It’s hard to find something he did do.

A couple of years as a U.S. Senator in which he helped a few times, but led nothing, is his experience to be president.

Now, that’s an exectutive???

Sarah is a remarkable woman. She has done the things that big, strong, hairy chested men only brag about after a few too many beers in the local water hole. Come on, guys…how many of you can field dress a moose? Oh, really…let’s see some pictures.

Sarah is a remarkable woman. She can respond to a difficult situation–she *has *responded to difficult situations–she has stared down Big Oil that most of the Obama-types seem to be so concerned about.

Sarah has shown me she can can "GIT 'ER DUN!!!

This was a decent argument about 3 weeks ago. Sorry, Jae, she’s toast! We’re now in the post-puppy-love era.

Palin is probably not even qualified to be the Governor of a real state, let alone Vice President one heartbeat away from a guy how looks for all intents & purposes to have one foot in the grave. I expect her debate with Biden will be a bloodbath and a huge embarrassment for the Republicans.

Nothing has changed in the last 3 weeks. She still is a governor with credentials–Obama is still running for office–and you’re still…Kevin F. Pierce–and Joey is, and always will be, Joey.

biden is an idiot…

And Joe B. is still Joe B.

Thanks Jae, good post.

I always get a big laugh out of the Osama supporters who say that Palin does not have the qualifications needed and yet support a Chicago street agitator for President who specialized in squeezing money from the government for his other democratic friends. And then there is Biden a real walking talking buffoon. This guy is qualified to be President? President of the men’s room cleaning committee maybe.

Wow! That’s what I call vague.

Where was Sarah Palin last night, you ask?

As Crowley notes, she was noticeably absent from the TV airwaves.

While Biden was making the network and cable rounds for his guy, Team McCain had Palin with an invite-only crowd at an Irish pub in Philly.

Fresh off an afternoon jog along the Schuylkill River, Sarah Palin stopped by a debate watching party at The Irish Pub on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia. It was an invite-only event that pulled in about 450 McCain supporters who had been drinking and eating for several hours before the candidate arrived.

Palin entered the bar after the press pool was pre-positioned in the rear of the venue.

As she entered the motorcade to head back to her hotel, one man’s voice cut through the din of the crowd.

“I can see Alaska from Walnut Street!,” he yelled. :slight_smile:

There are things I do not like about McCain and Palin and things I do not like about Obama and Biden. However, McCain & Palin seem like the closest we have ever had to a third party who are more concerned about the whole nation than to a specific group and their agenda. I find choosing between Democrats and Republicans is like deciding whether I want to be poked in my left eye or my right eye, either way it going to suck.
As far as experience what has Obama done? I’ve heard he was part of coalition against nuclear weapons proliferation. BFD that’s like convincing a group of 7 year old girls that puppies are cute, everyone was against it before he got involved! I have a pretty good idea what it takes to achieve success in Illinois politics and that is not a good thing for Obama in my mind. Palin has more executive experience than he does and he’s running for President! Biden & McCain have equal experience in politics. McCain knows about the military and I trust his judgment more than Obamas.
I’m starting to ramble. But unless something changes my mind I’ll be voting for McCain.

Please tell me what has Obama accomplished in Illinois or Washington?

:shock: :roll:

more so that I wasted my time clicking on that link… :roll:

Where’s Ross Perot when you need’em.

You’re right…just this. Nothing to worry about, she was just a little nervous.

Or Ron Paul.

Thankfully that hasn’t changed, you can always count on me to give it to you straight. :smiley:

Dr. Ron Paul was rejected out of hand by the very same people who are falling themselves to vote for… Palin, sad disillusioned mo’fros if you ask me. :twisted:

Things you should know about Ron Paul.

He makes a compelling case on a number of issues so why resort to messing with the facts.

Trash & hyperbole, thanks for nothing Mikey!

If you want to know what Dr. Ron Paul has to say you can read his own words instead of what some asshole has to say.

Ron Paul: ‘The financial meltdown the economists of the Austrian School predicted has arrived’

Come on Joey and the Obamamites, try answering this question. I dare you. :wink: