Osama speech was good but he doesn't understand the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution

… which he has sworn to up hold.

The second amendment has nothing to do with, as he said in his speech: gang violence in Cleveland or rural Ohio hunters. Nothing.

It has to do with preventing stuff like having over 100 million murdered in the last century by tyrannical governments who first… rounded up all the guns.

Want to hold the supreme office of this country? Might want to go over the supreme law of the land once or twice.

Nick, clinging to his gun in Colorado, Gromicko

He addressed that with his reference to understanding the difference between a rural hunter and gang members with AK47’s

He was specific enough to make me decide to vote for him tonight.

He did say change should come to the government and not from the government.:wink:

nothing like a one issue mind Nick.

But AK47s are the problem according to Obama.

He really doesn’t get it does he?

He is not so stupid ,as to think the guns are held by spirits out of the fourth dimension, but try and live in a city where these idiots push them in your face as they threaten your life and the story is not quite the same.

This is what he addressed.

Sorry you did not get it.

Come visit me in Chicago and I will help you understand, right after you get done whinning about where I dropped you off.

So why are they not arrested.
Are there no coppers in Chicago?

Come visit me in South Memphis and if you don’t have a gun where I drop you off you will whin first and then shot.

Lets just keep our guns for now.:wink:

Nick why the recent concern with the President upholding the Constitution?

Where have you been the last 7 years or so? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had guns pointed at my head 4 times in a one year period.

This effected me enough that when a gun fight broke out at a local watering hole I was the only one not stool ducking, so I know all about idiots and guns.

Your little pea shooter is not going to stop a crack head with a machine gun.

Nor is it going to stop a well armed military .

My problem is that I actually like the guy, and if not for this one issue, would likely vote for him.

Trouble is… gun control increases crime, rape, and tyrrany.

I like him, I just don’t like him more than my wallet, my mother and sister, and my freedom.

Well you are very opinionated and a one sided smart ____. So my advice to you would be work on letting your brain engage before your mouth.:mrgreen:

I have 50 years experiance in a major city under my belt.

Maybe I am being a little rash :slight_smile:

Myself and all my (8) children have grown up with guns. I got my first one at age 1. Was hunting by 7. All of my sons can disassemble their weapons clean and reassemble. Everyone I know in my area own guns, and not one that I know of has ever pointed one at another person let alone shot someone.

The problem is not AK-47’S 30-30’S or 22’S. It is how people raise their children.
If kids grow up without a good home life you wind up with gangsters and thugs.
What is this candidate going to do to fix that, make birth control mandatory in the inner cities when the girls reach puberty?

How about make the fathers take responsibly for their children. JMO

Obama is not saying he is going to take a legal gun owners rights away. He wants to enforce existing laws on the sale and possession of guns to illegal gun owners. And put more restraints on importing illegal guns.

So when a Rapist Crack head gets out of jail , we should arm him immediatly?

Robert writes:

Ah, yes it will. Many a nutty, drugged out criminal was stopped with .22.

That’s what the King said about us in the 1700’s. He was wrong.

It’s what the Soviet Union said about the Afgahns in the 1980’s. They were wrong.

It’s what the FBI said about Randy Weaver while they were shooting his 11 year old son in the back. They were wrong too.

In his speech tonight, that is exactly what he said.

We need a new president to make this happen?:roll::roll:

Where are mayors and law enforcement officers?

What’s an illegal gun and who decides that and where is that in the constitution?

When he gets out of jail I can bet you a dollar to a donut he won’t come to my neighborhood. The little 82 year old lady next door can shoot a squirrel off her bird feeder from her back porch.:shock: