Palm-tech software download

Hi guys and gals;
I have been looking online for how to download the Palm-tech program onto my new desktop with no luck. I’ve looked and looked. What can I be doing wrong??? Where the heck is it? I completed an inspection, sent it to the Palm-tech cloud (it’s there, I checked from my phone), but can’t figure how to retrieve it on my new desktop. :pleading_face:
I just know there’s someone out there that can help. Somebody throw me a lifesaver. No, not the breath mint.

No tech support at Palm-Tech?

I tried but it’s after hours. First time I have had to do this. It sucks.

Oh boy, it’s amazing what desperation will do for someone. I was able to get the program downloaded onto my PC. No worries now.

I’m glad it worked out for you, Edwin.