Panel clearance

Would the sump pit cover qualify as sufficient flooring to meet clearance requirements? :mrgreen:

No. If you are inspecting to code you would need 3’ clear space in front.You would also need the clear space 30" wide.

I know that. But how could this be corrected without relocating panel or pump? Home built in 1983.

IMO it cannot be done. One or the other must go somewhere else.

A picture is worth a 1000 words:D

I think we all know that the sump pit and/or the electrical panel isn’t going to be moved. So, report it as you see it and move on.

Now, off the record, if this was in my home, I would install a solid, rigid (preferably steel) cover plate and bolt it to the floor. This would satisfy my need for safety, and still allow access to the pit for maintenance. Really, how often does one go to their breaker panel anymore, let alone needing repairs in it?

If the home built before the 1980’s only 2.5 feet was required.

Thanks for the replies. I new there wasn’t much that can be done. Just curious how others would report the safety issue. I reported like Jeff has said. I mentioned it but not as a defect in the summary.

And nobody sees a problem with the sump pit discharging into the sewer?

Big problem.

Is this a grinder pump, or a sump pump? Grinders go to main sewer; sumps should go to outside the home. What is that pipe on the left from?

Look like a sewer ejector pump to me. A sump pump would normally have only one pipe.

The black (ABS) pipe is a vent pipe, it drains outside at left side.

Ok…based on the angle of the picture the pump itself may not be in the 30 inch wide working space…but the vent pipe to the left is…simpy reroute the vent pipe to the right, up and over…

Only needs 30 inches for panel width space and 36 in front…re-route some pipes…unless ofcourse this is my optical illusion.