Adequate clearance?

Inspected a new construction today and there was a slop sink installed in a garage just to the left of twin 200 AMP service panels. Approximate distance from the edge of the slop sink to the closest edge of the electrical panel was about 26".

The builder took out the sink and capped the supply and waste stubs just prior to the final village inspection, then afterwards re-installed the sink. According to IRC 3305.2 the clearance should be 30" wide. Technically this does not mean 30" from the sides of the panels. Still the installation and location of the sink bothers the hell out of me.

Does this meet code? Since I’m not a code enforcement official and just a lowly home inspector how would you all report on this?
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Yes, it meets code. My opinion is there is nothing to report.

There is no problem with the sink adjacent to a panelboard. The 30" working space requirement is for in front of the panel not 30" from the edge of the panel. Since there are two panels side by side the required space would only need be directly in front of the two panels measured from the outer edges of the panels. Also the panelboard does not need to be centered within the 30" space. The sink could be right against the left edge of the panelboard if you could still maintain the 30" spacing to the right of the sink. Here’s a graphic from the NECH:

The 30" working space is not required to be centered.

Working Space NEC 110.26.JPG

At the risk of repeating what everyone else has already said, as long as the cabinet with the laptop on it is not installed, the NEC clearences and work space requirements look like they have been met. No issue.

When two panels are installed side-by-side, what is the total clearance required - 30" for the group? Something else?

The clearance required is 30" or the width of the two panels, whichever is greater.