panel cover

I just did a reinspection on a 4 plex that needed gfci updates at required areas.

Also the main panel covers were not the correct size and left gaps around the breakers where the main lugs and breaker terminals were exposed. Anywhere from a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch.

The licensed electrician installed the gfcis to correct that issue.

To correct the panel issue, he used metal tape (foil hvac tape) to cover the gaps. Instead of replacing the panel and / or cover since the 1970 or 80 panel covers were not available (or easily available ) He claims that this is an acceptable method.

Or should it be repaired/fabricated with equivalent rigid sheet metal or plastic just like a breaker knock out insert?
Or replaced with a proper cover or a new panel.

Any thoughts?

You will be hard pressed to get it fixed correctly. Changing out four panels would be costly and I for one would not do so sell or no sell.

Here’s what the NEC says:

IMO the tape is not substantially equivalent to either the original metal of the enclosure or equivalent to a plastic insert made by the panel manufacturer to close the openings.

Thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

that’s for unused openings. These are used openings, but I’m understanding the breakers are smaller than the hole that’s cut out for them?
I see it all the time, I don’t think it’s a problem, except a 1/2" gap is a bit much.

If the main lugs and/or breaker terminals are exposed, then it should be called out.

From the OP it sounds like the incorrect panel covers were used and they’re too old to find a suitable replacement. 1/4" and 1/2" gaps need to be closed one way or another but IMO tape isn’t code compliant.