Obstructed Panel

Saw this today. If you see a panel that is obstructed by cabinetry, do you recommed removing the obstructions or “grandfather” it?

I would recommend removing the cabinet. The panel cannot be worked on safely.

I think the panel was there first. There is nothing to 'grandfather". Electrical boxes have to have proper clearance.

Definitely a violation.

Word of advice, don’t get into the “grandfathering” mentality. It is what it is, right now…today.


Not a “violation”, a safety issue.

It is a work space “violation” per the NEC.

That said, I am not a code inspector and write it up as a defect in need of correction.

What my client does with the recommendation is his business.

Exactly. I searched for a while until I found this panel. Obviously there before the cabinet. I complained, but moved all the crap out and removed the shelf to get to the panel.

I doubt the client demanded the homeowner change it.

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I’ve seen some good ones, that’s a real winner.
I would simply say - circuit breaker panel poor clearance/access.
**Call licensed contractor for further evaluation.

No “evaluation” needed.

It’s wrong.

Fix it.

Just my way of shifting liability.
Let sparky detail the method of repair from here…

You might as well say hire a professional for every issue you report.

I’m paid for my opinions and recommendations.

And you certainly have them.:wink:


No, I don’t say hire a pro for every issue I report, that’s silly.
I’m paid for my opinions/observations only.
Don’t agree with you Mike. You may pick on me, I still love & respect ya.

Some issues are best left to the contractor to determine & recommend the scope of repairs. That is beyond my scope.
I believe most here would agree with me, but I see you think differently.
That’s OK by me. :slight_smile:

If it’s wrong and you call it out I see no reason to say to your client. “Hire an electrician for evaluation”.

You already know it’s wrong.

It’s up to your client to have it repaired.

Different wavelengths here.
I call it out, it’s wrong.
I recommend further evaluation to determine & recommend the scope of repairs so my client will know the exact costs involved. That’s the reason you don’t see or the point is not taken.
That’s all, so simple.

I’d say. Electricians do not do cabinet work around here.

But the Electrician knows the clearance required by Code. The carpenter probably doesn’t. Sometimes it takes a village.