Panel in bathroom closet?

I’m trying to figure out if this panel can be located in a bathroom closet. Home was built in the 50s. I know there are a lot of issues going on here but is it okay to be inside the closet?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Didn’t you already post this and receive replies a day or two ago on another thread?
Why the multiple posts? Didn’t like the answers you already got?

Nope! Review the previous post your refering to. It was in reference to the water heater. I felt I should start a new post since this was debatable topic as well.

there is nothing to debate…the panel should not be behind the water heater as numerous others have mentioned in Your previous post…

I stand corrected.
Your post was of the WH, but, the panel was discussed anyway as it is a significant issue.

For future reference, I recommend you post in the appropriate (dedicated) sections, ‘Electric in Electrical’, ‘Plumbing in Plumbing’, etc. and not the Misc. Sections. You will find you get a better response from the category experts, ie. Electricians, HVAC Techs, etc. who don’t waste their time in other trade sections as they just don’t care about them… generally speaking. :wink:

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I actually meant to post it there and you just reminded me! I guess my concern with the quesiton was that it was in the vicinty of the bathroom(closet) so I was concerned that this may be prohibited since panels arent allowed in bathrooms.

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Well back in the 1950s, anything goes including saddle shoes and penny loafers, You could find an electrical panel just about any were even in the outhouse, just make sure the homeowners are aware of the safety issues. :cowboy_hat_face:


LOL, I think I had a pair of those. That’s about all I had for money.

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The workspace requirements are not meet, regardless of what room the panel is in.

Is this a House of Horrors pick? So many things wrong here.

Yes! And most houses in my area are very similar. (Eastern KY)

You guys are hardcore! no crying about no working space or some such silly minor thing! And if a house burns down, you just rebuild the sucker! big deal, sh!t happens! :wink:


I spent my first 6 years of life near Beatyville, oh the stories my folks have!