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I inspected a house the other day, and I wrote the house up for two grounding conductors under one lug. The homeowner’s son asked how they could do it any other way since there are more grounding conductors than lugs on the panel. There is even some expansion room for additional breakers. So my question is, is this a panel issue? Or should the original electrician have added another bar for the neutrals?

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You have made two different statements.

Grounding conductors (grounds) can be doubled in most cases and sometimes tripled (if the listing allows for it).

Grounded conductors (neutrals) are not allowed to be muli-tapped.

Additional bus bars can easily be added to most newer enclosures. Expansion kits are available for this purpose.


The images you show are of Doubled up "grounded" conductors as jeff has explained.

It has not been acceptacle for a long time to double up "grounded" conductors on a terminal bar as shown in your pictures.

Please do not feel you have to explain to the client "HOW" to rectify this but simply that it needs to be rectified.

Standard 67 of the UL stated quite some time ago that this simply can't happen but it is seen everyday.

We could go into the " is it really a problem " senerio but I wont venture their.....but lets just say it is incorrect and should be corrected by a licensed electrical contractor.

 They will more than likely have to SPLICE them to another terminal bar that would need to be mounted into the enclosure.

Ahh it must be late, thinking one thing and typing another getting the eds and the ings mixed up. Thanks for both your replies.

I didn’t realize there were pictures. . .

How bout when the grounding conductor and the grounded conductor of the same wire are under one screw terminal. Saw this today and wrote it up.

Never been allowed.


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