Electrical Panel

This is located in Woodland Hills, CA near LA. 3900 SF House, built in 1965. 2 100 amp main breakers. Curious what type/brand of panel this is?

Did the breakers have a manufacture name?

Breakers look like newer Cutler Hammer type BR. However, I can only guess on the panel itself. Murray perhaps? Crouse Hinds? It looks like an older panel from at least 20 years ago.

Cutler Hammer, but the breakers looked newer than the panel. Hard to tell who was the manufacturer of this panel. No labeling, nothing. There was an imprinted/stamp sign in the panel cover, but that was painted over several times, it blended in with the panel. I have seen this type of panel on over homes this size and year.

I’m assuming there were two sets of service cables spliced off of the service drop?

This is pretty common in the SFV. It’s a parallel service, which is similar to a split bus except each bus-set has its own service feed.

On second glance, it looks like an underground service, so you can’t see the parallel conductors until they enter the box…

Same animal…

Thanks Jeff Pope! You are right. The feed is underground. Do you know what brand of panel that is? The breakers looked like newer cutler hammer breakers.

Could be GE .

I find it odd the breakers are all new but the panel is old. Unless someone thought updated breakers were a good idea, which isnt actually a bad idea. However, breakers must match the panel. If this is say an older Murray panel, type BR breakers may not be compatible.

BTW, I cant tell from the picture, but the white wire bonding the conduit may not be large enough.

Sorry, I can’t say for sure. Murray did make a panel like this, as did Cutler Hammer and Wadsworth. There may be others.