Paneling Knot Decay and Etching

I have a client who is complaining about the knots in the paneling inside their mobil home. The knots have darkened noticably in the last six months and the knots are also etching or shrinking. Does anybody know what may be the cause of this? Is it chemical, biological, or just age? The home was manufactured in 1982. They recently moved it 8 miles from Tacoma to Spanaway in Washington. They have a heat pump and a pellet stove for heat.





Age and the lack of moisture in the air, are common causes of this. It’s normal.

Drying it out I’m sure w/ the heat pump and pellet stove…

Mine is like that here as well…I apply thin coat of clear stain to keep it moist and stop the cracking/shrinking…

:pIts the “Tacoma Aroma” leaching out of the wood now that it is no loger exposed to it.