paralysis of analysis

I’ve been a member of Internachi since Feb 2012. Like many of you I have many years in the construction industry.I’ve been reading the message board for a year learning as much as I can from other inspectors experiences.It’s been a wealth of knowledge far beyond what I ever expected.Even though this is my first post I feel that I know some of you without ever meeting you.
My problems lies with starting my business, I’m stuck on trying to know as much as possible before I start, which I believe is holding me back.I thought I knew so much but have learned that there is much more to learn.
My question is,did anybody else out there have “paralysis of analysis”? I need to get the boat sailing, but I feel I’m waiting on my ship to be built first.

Any comments would be appreciated.
Scott Kohler

Yes !
However , you will never get your first inspection until you get out there and start talking to people.
The brochures and business cards that you can get at the Inspector Outlet will help you alot.

Just go for it.


Hi Scott,

Do you have a mentor?


(If you haven’t already)… Start doing “Mock” inspections for all your friends and family. Treat them as you would a paying client, from start to finish. Ask them to call you at any hour of the day to interview you and book the inspection. Instruct them to treat you as if they were paying you. Do everything “by the book”, all the way through the inspection, and the walk through afterwards, and into the report writing process. EVERYTHING!

They will receive valuable information about their home (for free) and you will learn more than you could in your year of (trolling) the MB’s.

IMO… this is the only way you will overcome your “stage fright”. After a few of these, you will know where you need to focus your attention, to become ready to “hit the streets”.

Good luck!

Yes. Every day. Sometimes you have to just close your eyes.

And then there are others that need a little help! :wink:

Scott your infliction of this disease is probably a direct result of your trolling this MB for a year. Go do inspections! :slight_smile:

Scott, there is no way to know it all. Like the comments above you just have to jump in. Find an inspector in your area or just outside your area to ride along with. Do as many mock inspections as you can. Once you feel comfortable, have your mentor follow you around a house as your customer. Give him/her the inspection and let them reveiw it. This can be the most valuable part of the mentoring process.

Thank you for the quick replies.


that about sums it up.

I did exactly what Jonas suggested and he’s right, it really helps you get use to moving through the house and getting your inspection process ironed out. You’ll be perfecting and changing your methods for years but you just have to jump into it. During your first paid inspections, be sure to take lots of photos of everything and consider not having clients with you but instead meeting you at the end to review.

Scott ,I myself, am going through the exact same thing,been in the trades for 24 years,joined interNACHI and feel like a kindergardner, although I’ve only been “trolling” the MB for a month now. I have just about everything set-up to get going,only thing slowing me down is a couple of courses to fullfill my requiements and the mock inspections, which I don’t feel confident in performing just yet. Other than that, I am going for it “FULL STEAM AHEAD!”

Yep… now go do it!

If you are not working you should be marketing (and you should be marketing while you’re working… common mistake).

What are you doing to ensure that when someone thinks of or looks for an inspector… they think of Scott Kohler?

Just get after Fella! No better way to learn then by doing. 50 percent of the work is customer service and approach. You can only establish that by doing it. You will do great! Hang your shingle and go man! All the best from Vermont!

About these mock inspections…
Start with your own home . Dress for the part and have someone take pictures as you work.
You can use them later on your web site.
Another thing is to get yourself a uniform that you like .
I like cargo pants with Columbia fishing shirts. I have my name and company name on the front and logo and name on the back.
It will give you more self confidence. You have to look the part when you talk to people .
First impression will make you or break you.


Just start. You will never be “ready”. You will learn every day so each inspection will be better than the last one. After 7 years, sometimes I think about those first inspections and wonder if I should call those clients and offer a refund. :slight_smile:

Once again,thank you for the advice. If anyone in the south central Pa region that would not mine a ride along let me know please.