Parents sue pool firm in drowning of their son

If you don’t do the pool inspections yourself please, please, please instruct/demand your clients get a qualified NSPF CPO-CPI inspection or the equivalent prior to closing.

Parents sue pool firm in drowning of their son

and if you are doing them how well trained and qualified are you???

Good info, Barry. What a sad event.

With all of our fresh water lakes and rivers, the one or two I see per year get deferred.

Reporting is also important when providing recommendations.

We recommend that there be 2 drains for both Pool and Spa (2 in each area).

Covers should be recommended to be anti-entrapment type as opposed to anti-vortex.

**Guidelines for Entrapment Hazards:


**This is a new and revised 2008 NEC rule that was developed because of the same type of accident:

"680.12 Maintenance Disconnecting Means. **One or more means to simultaneously disconnect all ungrounded conductors shall be provided for all utilization equipment other than lighting.

Each means shall be readily accessible and within sight from its equipment and shall be located at least 1.5 m (5 ft) horizontally from the inside walls of a pool, spa, or hot tub unless separated from the open water by a [FONT=Times-Roman]permanently installed barrier that provides a 1.5 m (5 ft) reach path or greater.

This horizontal distance is to be measured from the water’s edge along the shortest path required to reach the disconnect."

Google for IAEI Disconnecting Means](*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7TSHB&start=0&sa=N)

that was horrible… and if this company is so big imagine how many people out there have there drains in there pools… scary stuff… thanks for the scare tactic, drilled it into my mind…

how many inspectors out there actually go into the pool to inspect, or is that outta the question? how do you know unless you do, just because some things have regulations, doesnt mean that they are calibrated correctly, or that they couldnt have been altered by a “wannabe inventor” that just sold the house…

If the Pool is “Open”, the covers and equipment are all visible to inspect. What do you perceive to be the need for entering into the pool?

There is no need to go into the pool to check calibration, as the pool inspection is a visual and operational check of the readily accessible equipment. This is no different from any other item in the home.