This online party has totally sent my respect for Internachi to the bottom of my expectations for this organization

That’s too bad.

Yeah. Pity.

I think its great

I am having a great time already won 10 things!!! Way to go InterNACHI!!

Not very nice…

Sour grapes?

Maybe he would feel better if he won something…

Leave then.

I have been on all day trying to win. I have won a couple small things. Not the greatest but if I had more time I might have done better. I will be better prepared for next year.

There has to be a Scrooge.

I love how this guy just lights a fire and then leaves the room…lol
I think we’ve all been suckered…
Well played sir, well played.

frank the one time the Santa dancing would be awesome and you drop the ball

Did you leave your computer turned on, or maybe it got hacked?

We are all professional inspectors waiting for “Nick” to give us a T shirt ???


kick rocks then.I just saw over 2 grand worth of stuff given and didnt win anything ya whiner.

There are a lot more than t-shirts being given out today. Poor Loser??

It’s been about what I expected.

I got a few small things, missed on the some of the bigger things.

But I also don’t think it’s over yet.

He may be feeling a bit like a few others have felt having to work all day and now home working on reports! What can you do?? No biggie!