Writing termite certs in PA

I am thinking about writing termite certs along with my home inspections. Is there any other requirements besides being NACHI certified and OandE insurance to do so in PA.
I read that in the past the state required you to have a license to dispense termiticides in order to write certs. Does anyone know if that is still a requirement?
Also, can I use the standard hud form for my reports?

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Scott Ferguson
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It is not a requirement in PA to be licensed to inspect for termites. You do need a license to treat for termites, not to inspect for them.

However, you should take our free, online WDO inspection course: http://www.nachi.org/wdocourse.htm

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The NPMA-33 requires a PA license #. Is this the only time you need the PA cert?
The state sites are not very clear on this.

The state of PA is very clear. Call the Department of Agriculture. You don’t need a license to inspect for termites. You don’t need a license to fill out NPMA-33 (It’s just a universal form produced by a private association (National Pest Management Association) like InterNACHI and they made a block on their form for those who have a license.

Thanks Nick

That makes sense. I will call them tomorrow.
I spoke with three other inspectors in my area this weekend. They all gave me different answers, but all told me how difficult it was to get into writing certs.
It could be I’m the new kid on the block and they don’t want me moving in on territories they’ve established. And they are not NACHI!!!

As always, thank you again for your help.

You get me something from the Department of Agriculture in writing, clarifying the issue, and I’ll ship you a case of www.nachi.org/now books. Don’t even trust the person you talk to on the phone. Get an email or a link to a section of their website or something in writing. That way we know for sure.

Nick I agree that anyone can inspect or document WDO but would that be accepted by a lender? Also the PA Asso. of Realtor Sales Agreement states: Buyer may obtain a written “Wood-Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report” from an inspector certified as a wood-destroying pest applicator…

This is what I have found so far Nick.
I spoke with Howard Walker who is the Plant Industry Regional Supervisor at my local DOA office. he was very knowledgeable about this subject.
He told me the same thing you said the other day. Anyone can write a termite cert in the State of PA.
Even though FHA only requires a cert if the home has signs of WDO or it is in an area where termites are commonly found, nearly all FHA and VA lenders and underwriters will require you to have a State issued applicators license.
The PA standard purchase agreement also states the buyer is entitled to have a cert written by a licensed applicator on pages 6/7.

Since quite a few of my inspections have been for FHA loans, I a going to get the certification.
I ordered the Core packet and the CAT 12 packet from the Penn State extension office for $50.00
I’m sure the NACHI courses adequately prepared me for the exam, but it’s worth looking at the training materials they supply as well.
I haven’t found anything that spells out who actually requires you to be certified. everything points toward the State not requiring it. But most banks do.
Thanks for your help and advice on this. You have yet to let me down!!
I will keep you posted and send you something concrete when I find it

Thanks. Email me your shipping address to fastreply@nachi.org

Scott, Internachi’s WDO gives you a good basic knowledge but you will want to study the core material in depth, closed book test, there will be a lot of stuff in it that we would never use as HI though. Once you get your Public/Commercial applicators certification you will need to get a business license also.

Thanks David,

Is it the PA pesticides business license that is required?
I guess that would make sense because the state doesn’t know that I will not dispense.

You need to have the Pesticide Application Business License along with your Applicator certification or work for a business with license for your certification to be valid. I think that we should be able to just have our private applicator license since we do not apply the pesticide, but that’s not how the lenders and PA sales agreement sees it.

Thanks David,

I really appreciate the advice.
Do you happen to know if your O+E insurance goes up significantly when you do the certs?
I’ve called my insurance company three times. All three times I’ve gotten different people and different answers. Still no quote. I need a new Insurance company!!