Patent update: Homesafe's claim that they own exclusive right to infrared technology.

Does Homesafe own the exclusive rights to infrared (IR) technology in home inspections?

InterNACHI continues to fight to defend InterNACHI members’ rights to use infrared cameras.


Thanks Nick well done

Could you also post Homesafe’s lawyer opinion?

They haven’t released one. They really haven’t put up much of a defense. Maybe they didn’t know the InterNACHI Rule: If you sue InterNACHI, we will countersue and destroy you. I thought everyone in the industry knew that Rule.

I guess they know about it now.

As far as the thread title, I seem to remember a thread a few years back about there being documentation called Prior Art that indicated certain training and/or application methods being used that predated said patents…

Yep. It’s even more absurd than that. HomeSafe’s patent application references Infraspection’s existing SOP.

Nick, I commend you for the fight, and stand with you in the battle 100%
But this is not really any legal update at all, it’s just one persons opinion. I as well as many others have had this same opinion since we ever heard of this homesafe scam.

It will be nice to get a real update when any ourt rulings get made, now that will be awesome.


Court made many rulings already:

So has InterNACHI yet filed to unseal the answers to the deposition? What is the current status of the Mississippi case filed by HS and the subsequent countersuit?

Yes. Judge hasn’t ruled on that. HS trying to keep us from releasing the transcript.

We have a trial set for May 8-11.

Thanks Nick.

Thanks Nick.
Mr. Cohen appears to be doing a great job. Thank him from me and all the members.
Can’t wait for the final decision.

Going after the owner next?

We know about those older rulings, you made this post sound like there was just a newer update, not just an opinion from mark c.


Don’t focus on the patents. Remember what they finally convicted mobster Al Capone for. It wasn’t for being a mobster.

I personally never gave their claim to the patents a 2nd thought. To me they were useless from the start and laughable at best.