InterNACHI Suit moves forward

Knowing that Mr. Nick Gromicko is reserved, shy, and does not like admitting he helps tens of thousands of home inspectors yearly, as well as the endless reams of home buyers, sellers and home owners with INACHI inspectors working for their best interest, I thought I would post some great news that I saw on LinkedIn earlier this morning.
If it has been posted before…that’s great news and deserves to be read again & again!:):slight_smile:

Judge Rules That InterNACHI Suit Against Infrared Patent Troll Can Move Forward

Court Says InterNACHI Can Countersue HomeSafe and its President Personally

BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 7, 2016) – On Thursday, a Mississippi judge ruled that InterNACHI can countersue HomeSafe Inspection, Inc., and its president, Kevin Seddon.

In January of 2015, HomeSafe sued InterNACHI for allegedly violating an agreement InterNACHI had entered into to stop HomeSafe from suing or threatening to sue inspectors who use infrared technology on the job.

InterNACHI filed a countersuit asserting that HomeSafe deceived InterNACHI and InterNACHI members by systematically misrepresenting the scope of its patents. The countersuit alleges that HomeSafe claimed it held the exclusive right to use infrared technology in home inspections when, in fact, HomeSafe knew it only held patents on certain processes that use infrared technology.

The court also ruled that InterNACHI can sue HomeSafe’s president personally because InterNACHI alleges that he made fraudulent statements concerning the extent of HomeSafe’s rights.

InterNACHI was represented at the hearing by its General Counsel Mark Cohen, and its local counsel, Larry Little.

Because InterNACHI alleges that HomeSafe used the Internet to publicly spread false information concerning the scope of its rights with the intent to profit, Cohen left open the possibility that InterNACHI may later seek to add a claim against HomeSafe under the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), once the discovery process has been concluded.

Great work Nick.
Mr. Cohen, if you could in all fairness for all hard working homies, please bury the guy under the Corrupt Organizations Act.
Best regards to you and your family Mr. Cohen.