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Anybody know who this guy is? I saw a FB ad while I was browsing.
His prices are ridiculous…

We provide high-tech inspections and instant reports at the best price in town and our pricing is all inclusive! Our service will not be beat!
Patten Property Inspections, LLC offers complete home inspections, insurance inspections, radon testing, mold testing and thermal imaging, (which is included FREE with all complete home inspections). All of our inspection reports are instantly sent to your E-Mail before we leave the inspection. We can also E-Mail a copy of your report to your realtor or insurance agent. With Patten Property Inspections, LLC there is no waiting period between the inspection and your report.

Basic Info

Joined Facebook01/17/2012ProductsComplete Home Inspections: $149 and up, based on heated sf (no additional charges for age, crawl spaces, garages, insurance inspections, etc…)
Pool Inspections: $49.99
4-Point Insurance Inspection: $59
Wind Mitigation Inspection: $59
Roof Condition Report: $59
4-Point & Wind Mitigation Combo: $99
Radon Testing: $49
Mold Swabs: $49
Mold Air Sampling: $149 and up

Contact Info

Phone(855) 477-4552Emailinspectmyhome@ppiflorida.comWebsite

All you need to know:
Florida Limited Liability Company
Filing Information
Document Number L11000070093
FEI/EIN Number 800387606
Date Filed 06/15/2011
State FL
Effective Date 06/15/2011
Event Date Filed 07/13/2011
Event Effective Date NONE

License Type:	Home Inspector
Rank:	Home Insp
License Number:	HI4602
Status:	Current,Active
Licensure Date:	07/07/2011
Expires:	07/31/2014

Long way to drive for just 59.99

Everyone has to start somewhere. :mrgreen:

Man you’re not kidding. I tend to not criticize how others handle their business but, I just left an attic on a two story home where I must have looked like a snake going through the trusses. I’m 6.3 235 lbs and 52 years old. I could never do it for 59 bucks. Just not gonna happen sorry.


As I have said many times, the Durango rarely leaves the driveway for less that $200.00! :mrgreen:
I just had someone call me for a wind mit and wanted to know if I could match the $75.00 price. I politely said, NO! They asked me why I wouldn’t match the other price and I just said, if price is what you are concerned with, I am not the guy for you. Call the other guy and good luck!

Can’t work for free even in volume. You figure even if you had four inspections close by for 59.00 that’s 246.00 and alot of work and most of your day. Driving,Climbing ,crawling,writing,reporting,unloading ,loading,talking with customer. Yeah not a good deal for me.

I agree. I read on a post somewhere that an inspector was doing 10 wms a day at 75 each. $750.00 a day. Now, subtract gas, time, etc. and how much did you really make? Figure 1/2 hour to do the inspection, 20 minutes to do the report, and a half hour travel time. Multiply all that by 10.
Not to mention the wear and tear on ones body. I will be 52 in a week and even though I have been running an average of 10 miles a week training for two races (Tower of Terror and Disney Wine and Dine), I still couldn’t do 10 in one day!

That’s crazy. You are absolutely right Eric. That $750 just got whittled down mighty quick. I charged $500.00 for the inspection alone and an extra $120.00 for the wind mit at the house I was at and in retrospect and 5 Lbs. lighter, I honestly think I under priced it. It’s crazy the prices you see some charge for honest hard work. Volume definitely isn’t the cure all some may be lead to believe. I mean, if you’re only driving by and taking pictures then, maybe yeah, that’ll work. But, if you’re actually doing the work and honestly looking out for your clients best interest, then, you have got to charge accordingly or you’re gonna lose your shirt for sure.


Eric, Thats crazy 10 a day? Good money but who really wants to work that hard? if you were even able to do that many a day it would get old and not to mention with that volume comes volume of follow up. When will you have time to take calls from clients and insurance agents to re send pictures or correct mistakes? I am happy with a nice and steady and don’t even mind slow because I like to have some time to do other things like golf or work around my own home. Everything in moderation is good.

Figure 1/2 hour to do the inspection, 20 minutes to do the report, and a half hour travel time.

the difference Eric, is drive time, 20 minutes to do the inspection including the report. Pop head in pull down stairs, make 4 marks on closest truss, shoot pic of roof/wall attachment, depart site.

I talked to a volume guy: he orders attic stairs must be down upon arrival or ladder in place - I’m not kidding. All paperwork to support credits such as roof/shutters must be on hand for him to take copy. No paperwork, no credit. He takes front/side photo of house and two pics in attic. Done deal.

Maybe I should just have the clients go up in the attic, scribble six lines on a couple of trusses, get the truss to wall pics, scan all the documentation, send it all to me and I’ll sign the form! Now that is profit! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That alone says volumes! If they already found someone for $75 why are they still looking? No, what they all want is someone who knows what they are doing to lower their prices to meet or beat the competition. In other words, they want a quality inspection but do not want to pay for it. Never ceases to amaze me that people will buy a used automobile or truck, pay some mechanics a couple hundred to check it out but when they buy a house for 10 to 20 times more money they want to get cheap.

Right on, Doug!:smiley:

Well, I can comfortably say nobody had a harder market to break into then me, if Pete feels low balling is the answer, it will be short lived. The problem he will face is the realtors that do use him will expect that price all the time. I started approximately $50 cheaper than my local competitors and after three years, I am just now trying to creep my prices up by $25. By the way, a couple add ons, 2 air-o-cell air quality test cost $250 plus $50 for each additional air-o-cell and $125 wind mits, $75 with full home inspection.

I agree with Eric, if customers want to shop by price, they really should not hire me either.

Pete really - $59.99, at least use whole numbers, all my prices end with 00 or 50.


Read the OP. It was and still is not about me. Look at the title of each post.

I am Guaranteed Inspections, NOT Patten. And I do not and have never low-balled pricing!

Get with the program here, man!


Glad he is not in my area! Good luck while waiting for this guy to join the ranks.

Glad he is not in my area! Good luck while waiting for this guy to join the ranks.

At those prices, most likely the ranks of the unemployed…


At those prices, most likely the ranks of the unemployed…



Some people lack confidence in pricing. He may be a decent inspector with very little marketing experience. If gas is $3.50 / gallon sell it for $3.40, not $1.