Payment settings

Looking for ability to take partial payments, and release report without marking it as paid.

I have a couple scenarios

  1. Client asked to be able to pay in two installments I collected half of the fee on the day of inspection and invoiced for the remainder.
    (in this case I would like to enter the on site payment and still be able to collect the rest of the fee online later)

  2. Client wanted to be billed at escrow. I charge a $45 fee for this. Client opted to pay the billing fee at the inspection.

  3. Banks tend to like to pay on a net 30 - 45.
    (It would be nice to release the report without having to mark it as paid.)

In all of the above cases. We have to mark the inspection as complete, signed and paid to get the report to release. Once this is done it makes it more difficult to run any report in ISN that shows unpaid accounts.

I have a lot of banks that do not pay until closing.

Correct and in each case I have to mark the inspection as paid to release the report.

You can release the report without payment.

From ISN.

Hi John! You CAN do this :slight_smile: In your edit order screen (the order form) you will see these options at the bottom:


I had the opposite happen to me yesterday. I uploaded a report and it was not paid yet, so I assumed it would not send.

A few hours later I get the “emailed report viewed” email. I double checked, and it’s not marked paid, so I have no idea how it got sent.

I know the agent and the mortgage broker on this one, so I know they won’t screw me over, but still, it’s the principle of not getting paid yet.

EDIT: OK, found the box that needs to be check. But I thought no pay no report was default. I know I didn’t change it.