Hi… Newbie here… from being in business all of my life I would guess that the best plan would be to collect payment at the time of inspection. Is this the best way?


Payment before the inspection is even better :wink:

I collect the fee after the inspection and definitely before I email the report.

Signature before I leave for the inspection (preferably a couple of days before) and payment before I leave for the inspection if client won’t be present at the inspection or is from out of state. Chasing a cancelled check or cc out of state is not real easy, according to my attorney. Otherwise, payment at inspection, and before report is sent. Everyone’s happy if you manage their expectations. :slight_smile:

Before inspection if credit.
Always before leaving.

Always collect after my walk through. Although there are times you will have to bill to escrow which I charge an extra $40.00.

That is for home inspections only. I have other types of inspections that get billed out.

Cash & Carry. We don’t bill BUT I’m really flexible. I take cash, checks or credit card.

In KC unless buyer is out of state & won’t be there we’ve never been able to get money in advance (may be local mind set). NEVER send a report untill $$$$ in hand.

NEVER do inspection without inspection agreement.

Be Professional: You go to Firestone for new tires. YOU don’t leave with tires UNTIL you pay them … I’m the same way.

Always a signed agreement first before starting inspection using the online InterNACHI agreement system, clients love it. Then payment before, during or after inspection is complete depending on. but never send report out till money is collected.

I collect payment via check or cash at the inspection. Some use credit card, but nearly all collect on or before the inspection. If I get there and they don’t have money, I still do the inspection, but no report without payment. For this scenario I will allow them to drop the check off at my house, or use paypal

ISN…tied to your payment processor…= high percentage of prepaids.
My prepaid jumped 80% when I started using ISN as the email system prompts them and most just go ahead when signing contract and pay us… Older folks and those with no credit are typically the only exceptions.

Thanks… great advice. BTW, what is ISN??


Inspection Support Network

It’s a portal much like a virtual office assistant. Does all kinds of things for you to include taking orders and payment. It’s $4 per inspection.

George I agree it’s a great system but I always try to accept cash/check over taking CC’s. I use when clients demand payment by CC. In my opinion CC’s simply eat up profit.

Time is profit or loss most dont measure . My money is in the bank I do t make deposits never had charge backs or bounced checks and my bookkeeping is on auto pilot. I make 5% more since i have ISN and pay CC fees when I factor in time

Hmm are cc fees a write off.
Been doing lots this quarter.

Absolutely and the fees you pay on your business credit card too!

I took a PayPal payment this week, that was slick but they took about $17 off a $550 fee, then today I got a letter from my bank, last Wednesdays inspection check was not honored, I am out $450 plus $9.00 TOTAL $459.00.

Bummer, I not only didn’t get paid, I paid $9.00

So between making $550, paying $17 in fees and not making $450 still paying $9 in fees, which would you take all day long? :wink:
Paypal, square, bank machines fees are just cost of doing business.

I don’t mind the bank fee, as you said its the cost of doing business.
I emailed the check bouncer and she is sending me a cashiers check for $459.00

I hope:roll: