Paypal users

Been using paypal to email invoices, just curious what others are doing.
Which method do you use.
If you don’t use paypal, disregard.

I just set up PayPal recently and have just used the invoice option. I received payment and transfered funds to my account. Funds transfer to my bank took 2 days. So for the only transaction I did so far, everthying went well.

If the customer uses PayPal for payment I let PayPal email the invoice. I also include an invoice with the report. Those that pay onsite cash/check get the invoice with the report.

I use the Outlook add-in that allows me to embed a “Pay Now” button in an e-mail where I explain the simple process of paying, i.e. click Pay Now and follow the directions. I’ve been using this for 3+ years now, no issues whatsoever.

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How do you embed that button? That might be neat


I just tell my Clients to go to PayPal and make a payment to Never had any problem.


I thought that requires them to register and create a paypal account. I guess I was wrong as I just double checked. Ya learn something every day. It still seems more professional though to send a paypal invoice.


In certain circumstances, yes.

However, none of my businesses are of the type where we send invoices, so that’s kind of moot.

In the case of Russel Ray, Property Consultant, the only people who want to use PayPal are already at the inspection, so it would be unrealistic to run back home, send an invoice, and then go back to the inspection.

I don’t do an inspection without getting paid first, so that’s kind of moot, too. I usually just tell them how long I think I’ll be at the inspection so they can drive home and get their checkbook, or I’ll tell them that I saw 72 ATMs on the way to the inspection (they are at gas stations, banks, everywhere!), so they can just drive on over there and get cash, or they can have their Realtor pay me and they can reimburse the Realtor since they will see the Realtor many, many times during the course of escrow. Never had a problem yet.

Relo’s sometimes use PayPal, but they invariably already have a PayPal account anyway, so they know the drill.

My home inspection agreement is set up to service as a receipt, so in that sense it can also serve as an invoice. For relo’s, I email the agreement, they read it, see the amount due, log on to PayPal, and pay.

Out of all my businesses, Russel Ray, Property Consultant, is the one that uses PayPal the least.

I tell my clients to go to my website and click on the Pay Online link (left side of page). This takes them to brief instructions and the Pay Now button. Works well.

I certainly don’t use Paypal, and I never will. It seems that Paypal does many dishonest things with people’s hard earned money. This is a great Paypal alternative I have read about that discusses the reasons not to use Paypal and the choices of alternatives. I hope this helps.

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There’s a new company out there, maybe more than one, that uses mobile phones to do transactions. From what I’m reading, it’s pretty cool. No need for a terminal, web site, etc. Just a cell phone.

Been able to do this for 2 years with PayPal

request money

more on sending and requesting money

Thats how we do it no problems unless there is no cell service. :frowning:


Cool Michael, I did not know that. :cool:

I know.

The one I’m exploring, though, has three options, one of which is that the customer pays all associated fees. I like that better than me paying a percentage of the transaction amount.

Keep us posted!


I have a system I’m finishing up in the next few days that will beat the pants off of paypal. It’s taken 6 months to do, but will be well worth it.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting tidbit.