PayPal Credit

Anyone use Paypal credit. I think it’s a great way to give clients some relief without taking payment at closing. Tracking closing dates is a hassle. I added it to my website and already a client has opted to pay using their credit program. If you’re not aware how it works its simple. You send a invoice. Client opts to use the credit program listed on your Paypal invoice. If approved Paypal pays me in full. Client pays Paypal back in 6 months. If client faults on payments we still get paid in full.

What’s PayPal’s fee?

Have used it for 2 years now, have no problems.

I use Chase QuickPay if needed. No fees.


Been using PayPal for many years.
You just started using it Billy ?

Bob read the thread my friend ;). Of course I’ve been using Paypal for a long time I’m talking about their 6 months same as cash offer. Your client applies they approve and the client gets 6 months to pay their bill. You get paid immediately by Paypal. If they default you still keep your inspection fee Paypal paid you.

Currently using Square for onsite pay with a CC. 3% fee. They send the card reader for free, plugs right into my phone.

Paypal offers that as a type of credit so it is up to them to collect after the fact. I use Paypal quite frequently.

People who are applying or tentatively approved for home loans are unlikely to do anything that could affect their credit score … such as applying for more credit, IMO.

Everyone who can afford to buy a new house can afford to pay for a home inspection. People who cannot afford to pay for a home inspection are never approved for home loans.

When a potential client tells you that your fee is “too high” or that they cannot pay you at the time of the inspection … they are telling you that, in their opinion, you are not worth the fee you are asking or worth the trouble of foregoing some other purchase they want to make in order to pay you.

Some people do not have the money. I get clients all the time that cuts down on the different types of inspections ordered after I tell them what it costs. Giving them access to credit will give them a chance to order the inspections they need.

If I had to guess I would say 90%+ of the people paying through PP are already charging through a CC.

I also have been using it for years and have had virtually no problems.

Billy is suggesting additional credit, through PayPal, where the borrower can wait six months to repay PayPal.

PayPal will do a credit check and either add another credit account or, possibly, deny an account — either of which could affect the credit score that is being used by the mortgage company to approve the home loan.

Most financial advisors will caution home buyers … during the period they are attempting to buy a new house … not to apply for any additional credit until everything goes through.

Got it, and I agree with you Jim.

Knew there was something I did not like …Thanks JB.