Pb 2110

Anything wrong with PB 2110 installed in 1992. It is installed with copper manifolds. No leaks, present or present.

PB is reported to deteriorate from chlorine. Did it have copper crimp rings or plastic fittings?

Give your client websites to visit for info and always rec. a plumber, this stuff is/was involved in a class action lawsuit.

THANKS! That is what I did, I also checked the website, PB 2110 M was not part of the lawsuit.

have a picture? what is the M?



The “M” is stamped on the pipe.


PB Pipes a Concern for Thousands of Hampton Roads Homeowners






It’s been described as a ticking time bomb, and it may be inside your home right now.
*Polybutylene or PB pipes, commonly referred to as Qest pipes, are installed in thousands of homes across Hampton Roads. *

Qest pipes have been the subject of lawsuits and warnings for years and yet many who have them are still unaware.

*Experts say it’s important to check now to avoid potential damage later. *
*“I was sitting on the sofa and all of sudden I heard this pop noise and then water running,” remembers homeowner Billy Garner. *

Her Virginia Beach home was the first she had ever owned - her dream home.
“This is where I planned to finish my days out. It took a lot to get here.”
It was a year after she moved in that Gardner’s plumbing sprung a leak - and then the dam burst.
Within minutes, the water heater was all water. The bathroom was all bath.
Her furniture was soaked and her carpet was submerged in three inches of water.
Garner’s story is ugly, but not unique.

*“I’ve been doing plumbing for 37 years and I run into it all the time,” says plumber Jeff Ingmire. *
Ingmire says Garner is just another victim of Qest pipes.
Qest is a maker of PB pipes, which were commonly used in the 1980’s.

*They’re not used anymore because after years of problems and legal action, we now know they are prone to leaking. *
“And they’re still around here,” says Ingmire. “You go right in this street right here, I bet you everyone of them has.”
Ingmire says you can check your home for Quest pipes by looking at your water heater or under your sink.

Qest pipes look plastic, usually gray and bearing the name ‘Qest.’

Replacing those pipes will cost Garner around $5,000.

“I don’t have it,” she says. “I have nowhere near it.”

*The situation makes both Garner and her plumber upset. *

“It makes me angry,” says Ingmire. “I’m angry someone will take advantage of anybody. This is her first house! They work all their lives to get into a home of their own and this is what happens?”

“I’m not happy,” says Garner. “I’m really not happy - sorry, because I feel like somebody should have told me this stuff. Because if iI’d known this, I probably wouldn’t have bought the house.”

Attorney Kirk Levy says the potential danger of buying a home with Quest pipe can be avoided.
He says it’s critical to get a reputable real estate agent, and always get a home inspection by someone who’s trusted.

Finally, ask the seller - point blank - if the home has Qest or any type of polybutylene pipes. The seller is required to answer the question honestly.

“But if you don’t ask about whether they have Qest piping,” says Levy, “the seller has no obligation to disclose that it’s in there.”

Garner says if she had it to do over, she’d ask about Qest pipes and all major components of her house.

Her advice, “If they don’t want to give you that information, just walk away from the deal.”
For more information on PB pipes, and how to identify them in your home, click here. ](http://www.polybutylene.com/)
For information on the class action suit involving PB pipes, click here,](http://www.pbpipe.com/)
or call 1-800-876-4698.

Even worse than a home with PB Pipe is a Home Inspector that would mislead their Client with regard to the deficiency that is present.

Qest pipes look plastic, usually gay and bearing the name ‘Qest.’*

Call me immature, but I just had to laugh when I saw the above typo from Mr. Hagarty’s thread*.*

*I usually provide a couple links for my clients: www.pbpipe.com and www.polybutylene.com “Disclose, Disclose, Disclose - even if there ain’t no leak in that there hose” *

That would be a typo in the original news story … so much for reporters proof reading a story … :roll:

I am constantly amazed that people spending so much money for the purchase of a home look to save a few hundred bucks by not getting a quality home inspection, or just get the cheapest person out there that may miss (potential) defects like PB pipe … :shock:

It’s still PB and not excluded from the lawsuit as far as I know.

They did not correct this pipe, it is no longer used.

It is excluded if it was installed in 1992 or earlier.

Hey joseph I’ve done quite lot of homes here in hampton roads and very few had PB piping.