Peerless gas boiler

Our building has a Peerless Series 61-06 gas boiler that is turning off automatically, before the boiler builds pressure (it remains at zero pressure). The pilot light lights the boiler, but after 2 or 3 minutes, the boiler shuts off. It shouldn’t shut off as the thermstat is set at 80 degrees. Can anyone tell me what’s going on with it and what I can do to get the boiler working? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Is this steam or circulating hot water?

How old is the Boiler? Is it steam or water?

My guess is it is water, has E.I, and the problem is probably either and
ignitor or gas valve or limit/pressure switch? Pure guess work with the
information available, but I would recommend calling the installing or service

Also would recommend a maintenance contract, for this type of equipment.
It’s best to have these systems seasonally checked (Fall Startup and Spring
Shut down).

The Peerless is set up for a steam radiator heating system.

Since it is a steam system there should be a sight glass to indicate sufficient water in the system. There is probaly a low water cut out that would prevent the boiler from operating.

These systems can have somewhat complicated contol and safety iinterlocking and I think it would be best and safest to refer it to a HVAC technician familiar with this type of equipment.

Does it matter if this system has 2 thermostats in different locations? And what type of plumber/technician should I call to look at our boiler?

If there are two thermostats it’s likely that there are zone valves to control the temp in the seperate areas.

Contact a heatling systems contractor but make sure they service hydronic and steam type boilers.