Pellet stove venting and piping questions

Can type B vent pipe be attached to type L vent pipe? As I just had a house that combined the 2 on a pellet stove

I can’t seem to find any info. I’m doing research on this possible homeowner install and I see both say they can’t be used on wood fired does that include a pellet stove? as my research says a pellet stove exhaust is much lower than a wood stove.

I can’t read ANYTHING on the manufactures card as its secured to the unit in a very weird location under the burner chamber with 1.5" of clearance and its in another language.

Also what the heck is this hole on the back of this pellet stove. I assume it’s some kind of air intake, I’d
research and learn something about it new however everything is in some other language legitimately and I cannot read it. I very very very rarely see a pellet stove. If anybody know of a link to learn more I’d love it!

Anything I’m missing or not thinking of would be appreciated. I took pics from every possible angle as it just seemed so wrong to me.

I did look at the unit and hear the song, All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself anymore. Just sitting way off in the corner separated from everything else in the house.

I greatly appreciate all the advice and education that you all provide. I know I don’t know everything. But I should know it all by next week.


Yes, Combustion Air intake. Should be dedicated intake ran from the exterior, NOT to take air from the interior!


Thanks Jeff thats what I thought. I greatly appreciate it.


" Type B Vents

Type B vents are vents suitable only for listed, draft-hood equipped, gas-fired appliances, including most domestic heating and hot water systems.

They may not be used with any of the following appliances:

  • wood-burning appliances, such as fireplaces and wood-burning stoves;
  • incinerators;
  • oil-fired equipment;
  • coal-fired equipment;
  • any appliance that burns anything other than liquid petroleum or natural gas; or
  • any appliance that produces flue gasses that exceed 480° F (249° C)."
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Crap I over looked that line, thanks for pointing out something I should have seen myself.

Glad to help, Cory… :smile:

Wood pellet stoves requires type L venting and the combustible air intake should extend to the outside. Google the make and model number of the unit and download the installation manuel. Attached is a page from my manual.

pellet.pdf (579.5 KB)

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I’ll chime in here…
From personal experience long ago.

Installed B vent for my pellet stove only to find the inner pipe falling in and almost plugging the entire vent, a year later.

Almost learned the hard way.

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You are spamming, if you are not capable of reading the installation manual and following its directions correctly, you should pay a qualified installer to install one for you. This is not a DIY forum.

I’m sure its a bot.