Per Report Insurance

Are there any companies that offer E&O insurance per report as some of the software companies do? Will only be doing a few inspections in the near future and this would be helpful.

It seems like there was one company but I can’t remember their name…sorry, Gregg.

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Homegauge offers it but not in my state.

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Thanks, Very reasonable pricing and they write in Florida.

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Great, Gregg! Michael was able to help you and that is a reasonable price for the coverage amounts and deductible.

Best to you.

Wow, fantastic. Thanks for asking this question, and thanks Michael for the link.

Allen insurance has a beginner inspector insurance program that includes only 10 inspections for a reasonable price.
It has some weird restrictions, but might be worth exploring.

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That is who I was trying to think of, Daniel. Thanks! :smile:

Turns out both Home Gauge and Allen Insurance are no longer writing inspection policies. Will have to keep looking.

Hmm. Thank for the heads up.

Give these guys a call, see what they have to say.

They have a lot of positive reviews. Dave Wicker is or was on these forums I believe.

HomeGauge NO LONGER offers insurance, in any state. I am scrambling to find a new provider now.

Nachi is now an insurance provider. Send them an email.